About me


My name is Agnieszka. Been taking pictures every day, I also like to travel and yellow color :-)

…thinking about that color, the first thing that comes to mind (except lemon;-) it’s clear, great sun, vacation, and beautiful memories. This color expresses joy, optimism, smile, energy, and so I would like to share in Lemon photo

In the pictures I try to bring out the intensity of gestures, colors, scenes, that the image was clear and specific in reception .. like lemon! :-)

I like the diversity and I am glad that from the beginning of the photograph I treated it very broadly. It feels good in both reportage and sessions in the studio or outdoors.

My workshop was formed at the Warsaw School of Advertising and during training NIKON.

You will see the various sessions: street fashion photographs and lookbook sessions stylized, Fine-art, outdoor sessions maternity and family, session with hen party, reports and Event, packshots, interiors, details, branding session, moto, and of course my thing. – Wedding photography, which practically contains the elements of all the other departments …

I hope that the selected image like you especially, and tell me about it, though quite possible that else here no such, so …

let’s do it!



28.06.2014  (Nie)nasyceni kolorem, Magia żywiołów, patronat Konica Minolta oraz  Studio Bank, Warszawa  – presentation of thesis of Photography, involving the presentation of the elements of Fire and Air with reference to art masters

3.10 – 3.11.2014  W cytrynowym obiektywie,  PMDK Otwock  /presentation of photos from the session stylized/

7.11 – 31.12.2014  Jak dwie połówki cytryny, Cafelokomotywa, Otwock  /resentation of the most interesting works from the session fiance and wedding/